State Duals 2017

Millard South 1st place 3-0

Back to back to back champions

Dual season record 34-0 (School record)

Undefeated Dual Record 87-0 (School and State Record)


Match #1 Quarterfinal: Millard South defeated Lincoln Southwest 49-13

11 Wins 3 Losses

220 – Connor Clanton (Lincoln Southwest) over Brooke Crinklaw (Millard South) Maj 11-3

285 – Dillon Holsteen (Lincoln Southwest) over Jake Mayville (Millard South) Dec 1-0

106 – Blake Jackson (Millard South) over Jaxon Morrow (Lincoln Southwest) TF 21-3

113 – Alex Vacha (Millard South) over Zach Bennetts (Lincoln Southwest) Dec 3-2

120 – Austin Coufal (Millard South) over Jordan Pulver (Lincoln Southwest) Dec 2-0

126 – Creighton Baughman (Millard South) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

132 – Nathan Rodriguez (Millard South) over John Nelson (Lincoln Southwest) Fall 3:01

138 – Zac Charity (Millard South) over Jackson Spahn (Lincoln Southwest) Fall 1:02

145 – Austin McDonald (Millard South) over Barrett Muehling (Lincoln Southwest) Maj 12-0

152 – Connor Olin (Millard South) over Connor Burney (Lincoln Southwest) Dec 7-0

160 – Isaac Trumble (Millard South) over Tyler Carstens (Lincoln Southwest) Fall 4:57

170 – Braden Trimble (Millard South) over Ender McCullough (Lincoln Southwest) Maj 12-1

182 – Justin Shaw (Lincoln Southwest) over Gavin Peitzmeier (Millard South) Fall 3:24

195 – Rajan Ellebb (Millard South) over Jarrett Myers (Lincoln Southwest) UTB 3-2


Match #2 Semifinal: Millard South defeated Omaha Burke 51-18

10 Wins 4 Losses

285 – Jamel Young (Omaha Burke) over Jake Mayville (Millard South) Dec 1-0

106 – Blake Jackson (Millard South) over Colin Koeneman (Omaha Burke) Fall 0:32

113 – Joey Harrison (Omaha Burke) over Alex Vacha (Millard South) Fall 0:50

120 – Aeneas Renfrow (Omaha Burke) over Justin Jeanette (Millard South) Fall 1:37

126 – Creighton Baughman (Millard South) over Jonathan Le (Omaha Burke) Fall 2:17

132 – Nathan Rodriguez (Millard South) over Nathan Ramirez (Omaha Burke) Maj 19-5

138 – Garett Svoboda (Millard South) over Kevin Castle (Omaha Burke) Dec 6-3

145 – James Burks (Omaha Burke) over Zac Charity (Millard South) SV-1 9-7

152 – Austin McDonald (Millard South) over Austin Dougherty (Omaha Burke) Fall 2:32

160 – Connor Olin (Millard South) over Jaxon Kelley (Omaha Burke) Fall 0:41

170 – Isaac Trumble (Millard South) over Brian Barrera (Omaha Burke) Fall 2:27

182 – Braden Trimble (Millard South) over Dillyn Miller (Omaha Burke) Dec 4-3

195 – Doug Weidner (Millard South) over Dylan Sales (Omaha Burke) TF 23-8

220 – Rajan Ellebb (Millard South) over Norman Carr (Omaha Burke) Fall 3:41


Match #3 Championship Match: Millard South defeated Kearney 41-25

9 Wins 5 Losses

106 – Blake Jackson (Millard South) over Brayden Smith (Kearney) Maj 15-5

113 – Alex Vacha (Millard South) over Dalen Richie (Kearney) Dec 5-2

120 – Phillip Moomey (Kearney) over Austin Coufal (Millard South) Fall 2:15

126 – Creighton Baughman (Millard South) over Gauge McBride (Kearney) Fall 1:56

132 – Nick James (Kearney) over Nathan Rodriguez (Millard South) Dec 10-7

138 – Zac Charity (Millard South) over Tyson Cepel (Kearney) Dec 27-21

145 – Austin McDonald (Millard South) over Teontae Wilson (Kearney) Dec 10-6

152 – Connor Olin (Millard South) over Jud Kuchera (Kearney) Fall 2:33

160 – Isaac Trumble (Millard South) over Trey Grube (Kearney) Maj 8-0

170 – Reece Nicol (Kearney) over Braden Trimble (Millard South) Fall 2:57

182 – Doug Weidner (Millard South) over Steven Berumen (Kearney) Fall 3:33

195 – Rajan Ellebb (Millard South) over Sean Jackson (Kearney) Fall 1:20

220 – Izzy Bautista (Kearney) over Brooke Crinklaw (Millard South) Maj 11-3

285 – Lee Herrington (Kearney) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


Individual Winning  Records:

3-0: Blake Jackson, Creighton Baughman, Austin McDonald, Connor Olin, Isaac Trumble, Rajan Ellebb

2-0: Doug Weidner

1-0: Garett Svoboda

2-1: Alex Vacha, Zac Charity, Braden Trimble, Nathan Rodriguez

1-1: Austin Coufal



Coming into the 2017 State Duals, the Patriots would have a lot at stake coming off of a 3peat individual championship a week before, but also riding an 84-0 dual win streak dating back to 2014 State duals. The Patriots would also come Into the state duals as the top seed with a 31-0 dual record on the year. A host of other teams would look to be THAT TEAM who stopped Millard South from a record setting year.

First round found Millard South against Lincoln Southwest for the second time this season. Lincoln Southwest has their best dual team in school history and would be looking to win their 200th school dual win at the State Duals.

The last time the Patriots wrestled Lincoln Southwest, Millard South came out on top 50-24 in what would be Senior Night at Millard South. This time around, the Patriots turned on the heat and won 49-13. The Patriots would lose two matches and one forfeit on the day. Key Matches for the Patriots came at 160 and 195 with Isaac Trumble and Rajan Ellebb both turning previous losses into wins. Lincoln Southwest came fully prepared, and their wrestlers did a great job of hanging in matches. In the end, with 11 wins, the Patriots would be too much and would move on to the semi-finals.

Coach Denson would comment:

“Lincoln Southwest didn’t come to the State Duals to lose, I can tell you that much. They didn’t get the win production that they wanted against us, but they wrestled hard in each match. Their guys weren’t about to give up any pins if they could help it. That team is well coached and they actually did well at the state duals coming out of the 8th seed spot to finish in 5th place which is as high as you can place with a first round loss.”

In the semi-final round, the Patriots would again see a repeat foe. Omaha Burke would come in as the 4th overall seed even though Burke had a much better team than their 4th seed would indicate. In the first round, Burke would handily dispose of Columbus to move into the semi-final round. At the Metro Duals, Burke would give the Patriots all they wanted in a closely contested 43-27 loss. In that dual, Austin McDonald would go down due to injury giving the Bulldogs an extra 6 points that would have otherwise gone to the Patriots. This time around, Millard South would again turn up the heat and pull away from Burke. The Patriots would come away with a 51-18 win with individual wins in 10 out of 14 matches. Zac Charity moved up to 145 to challenge the state champion, and gave a valiant effort in the process falling just short in OT. Braden Trimble would also move up to take on the state runner-up coming away with a hard fought 4-3 victory. Burke would go on to win 3rd place at the duals.

Coach Jay Meneely would comment:

“We felt pretty good about the matchup with Burke, and we had in mind to move some guys around to create favorable matches. In this case, it worked really well. For some reason, Burke held out a couple of varsity wrestlers who could have made the dual more interesting, but in the end, our team stepped up to the challenge.”

The finals would pit No. 1 vs No. 2 from the individual state tournament. It would also pit the top two teams from the previous year state dual championship. Kearney would be coming off of a stinging loss at state and would be looking to show what team depth they really have. The Dual would start off with state champion, Blake Jackson, setting the stage with a major decision against a highly ranked wrestler from Kearney. Following Blake, Alex Vacha would turn around an earlier loss at the Aurora duals by winning 5-2 and sending the Millard South bench into a frenzy.

Coach Nate Olson would add:

“Our coaching staff had been working out a game plan for several scenarios. We felt that Alex’s match would be a key to the entire dual. If he wins, then we run with our regular lineup, and if he loses, we move some guys around to try and find an advantage later in the dual. When he won, the energy in our team amped up a hundred times; we felt like we could run with our regular dual lineup and take these guys out.”


Leading 7-0, Austin Coufal would take to the mat to battle against the state champion. Austin was battling an injury from state, but wanted to do what he could for the team. In the end, he battled hard but lost by pin pushing Kearney to within 1 point. Creighton Baughman would match that score with a pin and keep the lead at 7. Nathan Rodriguez would be up next against one of the best Kearney wrestlers. Nate would get down early in the match only to come storming back in the end. He came up a little short as the Kearney wrestler stalled the match out giving the Bearcats another 3 points. Enter Zac Charity. Zac was wrestling a wrestler he had pinned at state, but this time around, things would go much different. In an up and down match, Zac would finally pull out a 27-20 win to put up the most total match points in any match this year. Three more points and the Patriots would never look back.

Coach Andy Sistek commented:

“We were definitely hoping for a pin from Zac, but this might have been one of those matches where he was trying too hard to get the pin and got himself in trouble here and there. Zac went from wrestling one of his best matches against Burke to wrestling a little bit out of control against Kearney. Even so, Zac wanted to go out a winner and he certainly did that.”

Austin McDonald would put up a gritty performance winning 10-6 against a very dangerous opponent. Connor Olin would follow with a pin and Millard South seemed in cruise control. Even though the Patriots were on the verge of a dual win, nothing would be sealed yet, and Isaac Trumble was tasked with putting the Bearcats away. His job would be a tough one against the state runner-up who beat him 9-5 just one week ago. Isaac would not be stopped and when the smoke cleared, he not only beat the state runner-up, he earned bonus points winning by major decision. At this point, the dual would nearly be out of reach for Kearney against a red hot Patriot team.

Coach Doug Denson would add:

“Isaac Trumble is going to be a very special wrestler for the Patriots. Nobody wants to wrestle this guy twice. What he did at the duals today was nothing short of amazing. He beat the Southwest opponent who had beaten him before, he moved up a weight against Burke, and then he totally destroyed the state runner-up; it doesn’t get any better than that.”

State Runner-up, Braden Trimble would come up next and look to seal the win. Just off of a great match against Burke, Braden went right to work on his Kearney opponent; what happened next was totally unexpected. Braden would be in a cradle situation and actually pin himself in the process giving Kearney some life and stunning the Millard South bench.

Coach Andy Sistek would comment:

“Braden was in total control of this match, but somehow the guy got his arm through and caught Braden in a tough situation. You don’t see this situation often, but it does happen. The whole team felt really bad for Braden. It doesn’t take anything away from his performance this year.”

With four matches left and clinging to scant hopes to win the dual, Kearney would send out Steve Beruman to bring home another surprise win against Millard South standout, Doug Weidner. Weidner would leave nothing to chance putting on a takedown clinic before pinning the Kearney opponent. With the win, the pressure would be off and the victory secured.

With no pressure, Rajan Ellebb would come up next trying to reverse a loss from a week ago. Things didn’t look good early as Rajan was taken down at the beginning of the match, but fortunes would change with a quick reversal to end period one. What happened next sent the Millard South team into a frenzy. Ellebb would lock up his patented cradle and pin Kearney to put icing on the cake.

Coach Nate Olson would comment:

“Ray simply knocked it out of the park. What he did there was amazing! Everyone was dancing and celebrating. Ray brought his A game to the duals!”

The dual would finish with Brooke Crinklaw battling tough in a close loss, and then the Patriots would forfeit to the Kearney State Champion Heavyweight. Final score 41-25.

Coach Jay Meneely would add:

“These kids really wanted to finish the year the right way. It is coach Denson’s last meet as head coach and I can tell you that every guy on this team wanted to win that dual for him! This dual, this tournament, this finish is going to be with all of us forever!”

Coach Denson’s final comment:

“The effort these guys put forth today and the way they fought will be a cherished memory for the rest of my life. It’s truly a dream to go out this way. I mean, we are 3peat winners in both tournaments and our Seniors have never wrestled without winning a state trophy. These guys are truly special. I love each and every one of them!

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