Stan Anderson Millard Duals

Millard Duals Results

Millard South 62 Millard West 13

Millard South 72 Millard North 9


The Patriots upped the season dual record to 14-0 on the year going 2-0 at the Stan Anderson Millard Duals. The battle for Millard was established in 2005-06 by former Millard West head coach, Scott Bohlken. The series has a unique format and the winner keeps the traveling trophy. The event was named after Stan Anderson who was the founding father of Millard Wrestling back in the 1960’s. Since the very first year, the trophy has belonged to Millard South.

“This is one of those series where the format is unlike nothing else out there,” said head coach Doug Denson. “The matches are wrestled on two mats and all three teams are wrestling in each of three rounds so fans can be engaged during the entire event.”

Last year the event was snowed out, but not so this year. This year’s event would be the last event leading up to the moratorium and Christmas break. It was also broadcast by Cox Cable.

“Ron Higdon of the NSAA has been working tirelessly to promote our sport so getting Cox aboard is some of the fruits of his efforts,” said assistant coach Nate Olson. “When we were told Cox would cover the event, of course we were enthusiastic. We really wanted to put on a showcase event for the viewers.”

Neither Millard West nor Millard North were at full strength for the event, but that didn’t take anything away from the efforts of Millard South in winning the event. When the smoke cleared, the Patriots would lose a total of 5 matches on the day. The Patriots would win both duals on the strength of undefeated lightweights.

“Our team is so strong up and down the lineup,” said assistant coach Jay Meneely. “Our light weights caught fire early on and basically carried the day.”

The key match of the day would feature no. 1 ranked Creighton Baughman against the returning state champion from Millard West, Jack Huffman. Creighton would score early in the match and cruise to victory with a 6-2 win.

“Creighton has been waiting for this match since the beginning of the season,” said head coach Doug Denson. “I think the win shows what Creighton is all about! He is a hard worker in practice and relentless on the competition mat.”

A pair of ranked wrestlers for Millard North would bring home victories against the Patriots. Returning State Champion, DJ Coleman would score early and hang on to beat Freshman upstart, Isaac Trumble. A trio of upper weights for Millard West would also reign victorious against the Patriots.

“There was a forfeit at 182, so we moved our guys up against Millard West,” said assistant coach Jay Meneely. “In the end we lost all three matches, but that doesn’t take anything away from the effort. Our guys will learn from this and all three will be better wrestlers in January.”

Pictures by Mark Peitzmeier:

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