NSAA State Dual Championships

NSAA State Dual Championships:

Millard South – 4th Place

120 consecutive dual wins

Match #1 Quarterfinal

Millard South defeated Gretna 38-29

  • 113 – Griffin Rettele (Millard South) over Brandon Stalker (Gretna) Fall 3:04
  • 120 – Conor Knopick (Millard South) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 126 – Garrett Carbullido (Millard South) over Luke Figi (Gretna) Fall 1:50
  • 132 – Trevor Fauver (Gretna) over Alex Vacha (Millard South) Maj 14-4
  • 138 – Tyler Cunningham (Gretna) over Blake Smith (Millard South) Maj 11-3
  • 145 – Garett Svoboda (Millard South) over Tristan Towey (Gretna) Dec 7-3
  • 152 – Cole Huss (Gretna) over Alfonso Cunningham (Millard South) Fall 2:48
  • 160 – Isaac Trumble (Millard South) over Cody Everhart (Gretna) Dec 7-4
  • 170 – Josh Trumble (Millard South) over Kobe Everson (Gretna) Dec 3-2
  • 182 – Jack Larchick (Gretna) over Krew Tran (Millard South) Fall 0:50
  • 195 – TJ Huber (Gretna) over Chris Wortman (Millard South) Dec 12-7
  • 220 – Lance Jarrett (Gretna) over Conner Hoy (Millard South) Fall 0:22
  • 285 – Gavin Peitzmeier (Millard South) over Connor Fee (Gretna) Fall 2:42
  • 106 – Caleb Coyle (Millard South) over Jaxon Hotovy (Gretna) TF 21-6

Match #2 Semifinal

Kearney defeated Millard South 49-23

  • 120 – Conor Knopick (Millard South) over Rylie Steele (Kearney) Maj 14-2
  • 126 – Gage Ferguson (Kearney) over Garrett Carbullido (Millard South) Maj 9-1
  • 132 – Phillip Moomey (Kearney) over Alex Vacha (Millard South) Fall 0:58
  • 138 – Tyson Cepel (Kearney) over Shane Quandt (Millard South) Fall 0:43
  • 145 – Carter Abels (Kearney) over Alex White (Millard South) Fall 3:37
  • 152 – Teontae Wilson (Kearney) over Garett Svoboda (Millard South) Dec 5-1
  • 160 – Gus Franzen (Kearney) over Alfonso Cunningham (Millard South) Fall 2:30
  • 170 – Isaac Trumble (Millard South) over Jeremiah Hagemann (Kearney) Fall 3:04
  • 182 – Josh Trumble (Millard South) over Steven Berumen (Kearney) Dec 8-2
  • 195 – Sean Jackson (Kearney) over Krew Tran (Millard South) Fall 0:22
  • 220 – Gavin Peitzmeier (Millard South) over Conner Brown (Kearney) Fall 1:12
  • 285 – Lee Herrington (Kearney) over Jake Mayville (Millard South) Fall 1:16
  • 106 – Caleb Coyle (Millard South) over Dailyn Richie (Kearney) Maj 13-4
  • 113 – Brayden Smith (Kearney) over Griffin Rettele (Millard South) Fall 1:57

Match #3 3rd Place Match

Omaha Burke defeated Millard South 40-33

  • 126 – Dion Bonam (Omaha Burke) over Garrett Carbullido (Millard South) Fall 4:32
  • 132 – Alex Vacha (Millard South) over Blaine Miller (Omaha Burke) Fall 1:41
  • 138 – Kevin Castle (Omaha Burke) over Shane Quandt (Millard South) Fall 2:26
  • 145 – Garett Svoboda (Millard South) over Keauntae Aaron (Omaha Burke) Fall 3:53
  • 152 – Deson Stapleton (Omaha Burke) over Alfonso Cunningham (Millard South) Fall 2:44
  • 160 – James Burks (Omaha Burke) over Isaac Trumble (Millard South) Maj 11-1
  • 170 – Josh Trumble (Millard South) over Austin Dougherty (Omaha Burke) Fall 3:35
  • 182 – Nathan Lenz (Omaha Burke) over Krew Tran (Millard South) Dec 5-0
  • 195 – Dillyn Miller (Omaha Burke) over Chris Wortman (Millard South) Fall 2:54
  • 220 – Gavin Peitzmeier (Millard South) over Dylan Sales (Omaha Burke) Dec 8-2
  • 285 – Jamel Young (Omaha Burke) over Jake Mayville (Millard South) Dec 4-3
  • 106 – Caleb Coyle (Millard South) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113 – Jakason Burks (Omaha Burke) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 120 – Conor Knopick (Millard South) over Jayden Looney (Omaha Burke) Fall 2:34

Going into the State Duals, the coaches knew that there was 0 margin of error if the team wanted to keep their dual streak intact.  Losing Blake Jackson for the tournament absolutely did not help!

In the first dual against Gretna, we started at Blake’s weight, 113 pounds.  Filling in for Blake was sophomore, Griffin Rettele. After the first period, Griffin was behind 9-4, and some people gave up hope.  The second period, however, was a different story! Griffin used an escape and takedown to change the dynamics of the match, and put Stalker from Gretna in a deep half-nelson to earn his first Varsity win and 6 much needed points for the team.  Conor Knopick and Garrett Carbullido followed suit by earning 6 points each, and the Patriots jumped out to an 18-0 lead. After giving up two major decisions, in back to back matches against state medalists, Garett Svoboda and Isaac Trumble got us back on the winning track with a pair of decisions.  Then, at 170 pounds, Josh Trumble switched around a decision with Kobe Everson, who beat him for 5th and 6th place the week before. The nail in the coffin came at 285 pounds, where Gretna tried to sneak out another victory by moving their 220 pounder up to 285. The Patriots were ready for the switch, and bumped Peitzmeier up to 285 to wrestle Fee of Gretna.  After a scoreless first period, Gavin locked up a tight cross-face cradle and earned the PIN! Caleb Coyle finished off the dual with a 2nd period tech-fall, and the Patriots won 38-29 to earn their 120th straight dual win!

In the semifinal of the tournament, the Patriots faced off against familiar foe, Kearney.  This time, the more experienced Bearcats were able to send the Patriots into the 3rd/4th place dual.  The lack of depth from the Patriots were finally catching up with them. Along with not having Blake Jackson, Blake Smith suffered an injury in the first match, and could not compete for the rest of the tournament.  “Not having those two in the line up was a crushing blow to our team. They are always good for a win and bonus points!,” said head coach, Nate Olson. Coach Meneely echoed that statement. “We thought we would be able to move some guys around to get a better match up in hopes to squeak out another win in the mid-weights, but losing those guys made it very difficult.”  Earning victories for the Patriots in the dual were Knopick at 120 (major decision), Isaac Trumble at 170 (pin), Josh Trumble at 182 (decision), Gavin Peitzmeier at 220 (pin), and Caleb Coyle at 106 (major decision). That dual loss was the first one of the season, and broke the string of 120 straight duals wins. That number puts the Patriots in the top 15 in the country for consecutive dual wins!

The final dual of the season for the Patriots came against the Burke Bulldogs.  Again without two starters, the Patriots didn’t have enough firepower to match up with the Bulldogs and their trio of State Champions.  After a back and forth battle for most of the dual, the Patriots were 1 win away from earning a 3rd place trophy at the State Duals. The Bulldogs won by a score of 40-33.  

The Patriots will return 13 Varsity starters next season and will bring back a plethora of State Tournament points that will place them near the top of Class A to begin the season.  This was not a rebuilding year. This was a reloading year!