Nebraska Duals Results 2012

Nebraska Duals

Team Results:             Millard South              Division Champs and Overall Champs           10-0

Dual Results:

MS       vs         Norfolk            W         43-20

MS       vs         Gothenburg     W         75-3

MS       vs         HPC                 W         70-6

MS       vs         David City        W         44-25

MS       vs         Col. Scotus       W         66-18

MS       vs         BV West          W         51-24

MS       vs         Cozad              W         51-24

MS       vs         Elkhorn South  W         50-21

MS       vs         Plattsmouth     W         54-19

MS       vs         O’Neill             W         45-27

Individual Results:

Ryan Kostszewa           9-1                   Isaac DeLoa                 10-0

Ben Richling                4-5                   Skye Murcek               3-5

Chad Davison              1-2                   Alex Mendez               8-2

Nathan Quandt           8-2                   Tyler Calder                7-2

Caelin O’Connor         4-6                   Tyler Harrington         8-2

Jake Sempek               3-4                   Tanner Woitzel           1-2

Anthony Cloyd             7-3                   Terry Jeub                   8-2

Coty Watson                7-3                   Marc Tompsett           9-1

All-Tournament Team:  Isaac DeLoa, Alex Mendez, Tyler Harrington

Team Pins Leader:     Terry Jeub       8


Millard South is one of the charter member teams of the Nebraska Duals. For the first 6 years, the Patriots were the only champions at the tournament. For the past 2 years, Millard South has barely finished second in each of the two years. This year, the Patriots would again return to the top with an undefeated dual record at 10-0 on the weekend. A big part of the success this year had to be the overall number of pins by Millard South wrestlers. The Patriots put up 59 pins on the weekend which was 8 pins above the next team and 16 above the third place team. Isaac DeLoa would be the Patriots only undefeated wrestler on the team for the weekend going 10-0. 10 wrestlers would end the tournament with winning records. 8 of the teams in the tournament would be ranked in their respective classes at state. Overall, the competition was as balanced as it has ever been and nearly every dual was competitive.

“This is the one tournament where you learn the most about your team,” Said Head Coach Doug Denson, “wrestlers have to be tough and determined to wrestle 10 duals in a row over two days.  What I saw really makes me excited for the rest of the year.”

“We got a good idea of what we need to work on in the upcoming weeks,” Said Assistant Head Coach Jay Meneely, “but what I really liked was seeing the things you can’t teach like heart and courage. Our guys showed a lot of it!”