A-2 Districts 2017

A-2 District Wrestling (Millard North High School)

Team Scores
Millard South 238.5
Lincoln East 185
Bellevue East 153.5
North Platte 91
Bellevue West 83
Omaha Bryan 73.5
Millard North 45
South Sioux City 36

Individual Results:

106 – Blake Jackson (48-2) placed 1st and scored 22.00 team points.

113 – Alex Vacha (29-18) placed 4th and scored 10.50 team points.

120 – Austin Coufal (42-10) placed 4th and scored 11.00 team points.

126 – Creighton Baughman (44-1) placed 1st and scored 22.00 team points.

132 – Nathan Rodriguez (48-3) placed 1st and scored 21.50 team points.

138 – Zac Charity (47-2) placed 1st and scored 20.00 team points.

145 – Austin McDonald (32-5) placed 1st and scored 22.00 team points.

152 – Connor Olin (46-3) placed 1st and scored 23.50 team points.

160 – Isaac Trumble (41-11) placed 2nd and scored 16.00 team points.

170 – Braden Trimble (48-5) placed 2nd and scored 15.00 team points.

182 – Doug Weidner (27-3) placed 1st and scored 20.00 team points.

195 – Rajan Ellebb (40-12) placed 2nd and scored 18.00 team points.

220 – Brooke Crinklaw (36-18) placed 4th and scored 11.00 team points.

285 – Jake Mayville (19-20) placed 4th and scored 6.00 team points.


The Patriots came into the A-2 district as the favorite to win the district title. Millard South would be in the company of two other very solid top 10 teams in Bellevue East and Lincoln East. When the smoke cleared, Millard South would win the district title and finish with the most points out of the 4 class A districts. In winning the district, the Patriots would be an automatic qualifier for the State Duals. Since the inception of the State Duals, Millard South has been a qualifier each and every year. The strength of the district was also evident in that A-2 would be the only district to qualify three teams to the duals.

Coach Doug Denson would comment:

“We knew going in that Lincoln East and Bellevue East would both boast really deep and strong teams. Bellevue East, in fact, qualified 13 state qualifiers to tie for 2nd most in class A. We knew it was going to be a battle.”

In earning the maximum 14 qualifiers, it would not come without some excitement. In the blood round at heavyweight, Millard South’s  Jake Mayville would go head to head with the Lincoln East heavyweight. Winner of that match would insure his team of the perfect number. The match would be highly contested and it would go into OT. Still not settled the match would go into double ot. Down by one point in the double OT, Jake would benefit from a penalty point to tie the match up. With seconds running out, a second penalty point would push Mayville into the state tournament.

Coach Jay Meneely would comment:

“Talk about electric! The gym was loud, and both teams were cheering wildly for their wrestler. I think every varsity wrestler was on the side of the mat pushing Jake to victory. When he scored that final point and victory was insured, the gym literally erupted. Winning matches like this never gets old! 14 is the magic number.”

10 Patriots earned berths in the finals with 7 of those winning district titles. Every finals match was highly contested. Isaac Trumble and Braden Trimble both lost close finals matches to the defending state champions while Rajan Ellebb lost a close match in OT.  Overall, the Patriots would turn in some 18 pins on the day to tie Lincoln East for honors.

Coach Nate Olson would add:

“Our guys were dialed in at districts and you could see the intensity in the finals matches. This team is really hitting their peak at the right time. Isaac and Braden both served notice that they will be factors at the state tournament.”

With districts in the bag, attention now turns to defending the state title at the Century Link. With 14 qualifiers, the Patriots definitely have strength in numbers. The Patriots last turned in the magic number 14 back in 2010. Overall, the Patriots have qualified all 14 wrestlers 6 times. The Patriots had a 4 year stretch from 2004 to 2007 and then a singleton in 2010.

Coach Denson would comment:

“Not everyone had their best day at districts, but we feel like having every guy at state definitely gives every single guy a chance to contribute to the championship. Every point and every win will be needed to win the state championship this year. The challenge will be for every guy to leave it on the mat at state.”

Coach Olson would add:

“Having all 14 headed to state really helps further down the road for the state duals. What you have is all 14 guys together preparing for the next week when we head to Kearney for the duals. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Pictures by Mark Peitzmeier

IMG_7542 IMG_7593 IMG_7602 IMG_9571 IMG_9585 IMG_9600 IMG_9631 IMG_9632 IMG_9641 IMG_9647 IMG_9651 IMG_9656 IMG_9663 IMG_9666 IMG_9673 IMG_9676 IMG_9702 IMG_9727 IMG_9748 IMG_9757 IMG_9807 IMG_9815 IMG_9823 IMG_9847 IMG_9872 IMG_9891 IMG_9896 IMG_9904 IMG_9946 IMG_9950



Pictures by Team Managers

2017-02-11 09.13.00

2017-02-11 09.17.11 2017-02-11 09.18.32 2017-02-11 09.19.11 2017-02-11 09.44.19 2017-02-11 09.44.24 2017-02-11 09.47.51 2017-02-11 09.48.28 2017-02-11 10.05.31 2017-02-11 10.10.11 2017-02-11 10.11.52 2017-02-11 10.16.12 2017-02-11 10.29.46 2017-02-11 11.12.39 2017-02-11 11.23.54 2017-02-11 11.23.57 2017-02-11 14.00.39 2017-02-11 14.05.29 2017-02-11 14.10.23 2017-02-11 14.52.30

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