2014 JV Elkhorn South Results

113 Joshua Via (Elkhorn South) over Cody Klinkacek (Millard South) (Fall 3:43)
120 Connor Beach (Elkhorn South) over Jaden Riesberg (Millard South) (Fall 5:42)
126 Breadon Caniglia (Millard South) over Jarod Harkendorf (Elkhorn South) (Fall 1:46)
132 Caleb Witcher (Millard South) over Cary Trogdon (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:54)
132 Jacob Rosenthal (Millard South) over Jonathan Moats (Elkhorn South) (Fall 3:43)
132 Nolan Quandt (Millard South) over Jonathan Moats (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:42)
138 Ricky Hayden (Millard South) over Aiden Luby (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:53)
138 Kobe Hair (Millard South) over Jake Niemi (Elkhorn South) (MD 11-0)
138 Nick Jeanette (Millard South) over Jack Simmons (Elkhorn South) (Dec 7-0)
145 Anthony Stephen (Millard South) over George Johnson (Elkhorn South) (MD 8-0)
152 Will Ballard (Millard South) over Ben Leathers-Arnold (Elkhorn South) (Fall 5:34)
170 Dayton Rojas (Millard South) over Michael Pope (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:55)
170 Devan McIntyre (Millard South) over Michael Pope (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:38)
182 Roger Faust (Millard South) over Jordan Edwards (Elkhorn South) (Fall 1:03)
220 Michael Herbermann (Millard South) over Nick Gratton (Elkhorn South) (Dec 5-4)
220 Nick Gratton (Elkhorn South) over Andrew Goff (Millard South) (Dec 3-1)
285 Michael Hess (Millard South) over Luke Ziepke (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:49)
113 Jacob Murray (Elkhorn South) over Cody Klinkacek (Millard South) (Fall 1:38)
The JV Patriots wrestled 18 matches on Tuesday, December 16th against the Elkhorn
South Storm. The dual took place at Millard South, but was broadcasted live using the
Track Wrestling TrackCast software. Viewers of the dual online were able to see the
wrestlers’ names as well as the score and the time left of the match. It was the first time a
dual in Nebraska was streamed live!
The Patriots did not disappoint the fans in the gym nor the fans watching live. The
Patriots only lost a handful of matches and beat the Storm by a score of 74-21. 10 of the
14 Patriot wins were by a pin, which scored 6 points for the team. Michael Herbermann
was able to win a close match against the Storm’s Nick Gratton by a score of 5-4. Both
wrestlers fought hard, and Herbermann was able to win with a takedown in the 3rd period.

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